Geographical position

The municipality of Razanj is found in southeastern Serbia and belongs to the region of Nis. It stretches over 289 square kilometers. The municipality has a very desirable geographical location. It lies on the crossroads of Karpathian and Balkan Serbia, and in between the great and southern pomoravlje ( the Bukovik mountain is the intersecting point).  It belongs to the region of Nis and is surrounded by the municipalities of: Krusevac, Cicevac, Aleksinac, Sokobanja, Boljevac and Paracin, to which it is relatively well connected by three regional highways. Through its territory passes the most significant highway of Serbia Corridor 10, connecting the cities of Belgrade and Nis. Razanj is found 55km to the north of Nis, at an altitude of 264 meters above sea level. The Train stations of Braljina and Djunis on the Belgrade-Nis railway are found around 10 km away, while the closest airport is found in the city of Nis some 50km away.

Bukovik mountain’s peak stands at 893 meters above sea level. The mountain is categorized as a rocky mountain, and is found near the highway, it is covered in rich and lush forests consisting of beech, fir and pine trees and it gets its name from the Serbian name for beech trees which is bukva. It has many freshwater springs which feed into local streams and rivers, along with its stunning views of the local area. This mountain has a rich natural presence with its many forests and streams along with its plentiful flora and fauna, in addition it is well known for its large number of herbs which have been used for centuries as cures for many ailments.


The Poslon mountains cover a third of the municipality’s territory, with their dense forests. Their natural beauty attracts many hunters to its three comercial hunting grounds. The wild game found there consists of the staples of Serbian hunting, mainly: deer, rabbits, wild boars, pheasants and jackals. Organized hunting in these parts has a century old history and in modern times is supported with many hunter lodges found in the forests, catering to all kinds of hunters from recreational to trophy hunters. Sitting next to a campfire along with the hunters and hearing their stories is an unforgettable experience further highlighted by the hunter’s special recipes and ways of preparing mouth watering dishes.

Did you know that one third of the territory of the Municipality of Razanj is under forest?