Gastronomical pallet

The municipality of Razanj has taken a lot of care to protect nature and ensure an eco-friendly environment in its community. This has been achieved through organizing and unifying producers, standardizing the quality of local products and helping the formation of local brands in an effort to make a path towards the global market. In addition to promoting progress it has invested into local tourism by promoting local specialties and by helping the formation of a women’s association under the name of “Etno konac” which has through its many projects enabled local women to engage and learn how to produce local products, and even gives incentives to create new gastronomic products. Razanj has even shown great results in international gastronomical competitions like “Cuisines of the world“, along with other events made to showcase authentic and delicious food. Some of the highlights include: bread and pastries made in a crepulja, many dishes made from game, and cold dishes like cevris and bobove pihtije. The municipality is on its way to being certified as a gastro-tourist destination of special significance.

The wineries of Razanj fall under the “Road to Constantinople” brand, they attract lovers of wine, tradition, stories and authentic tastes. Their special offers include presentations for up to 30 people at a time. 
Innovation has been a hot topic lately as one of the local iconic wineries turned its focus to solely producing organic wine with native species of grapevine, by doing this the “Aleksandar Todorovic” winery from Lipovac has received much praise from the global winemaking community. While more mainstream wine can be found in the “A glass of wine and a story” from Pretrakovac. It can be found some 10km from the main highway. Besides the tasting of wine and stories of local winemaking in history, it offers a wide assortment of local dishes that are sure to satisfy any gourmet. It also allows up to 30 guests at a time.

Aleksandar Todorovic winery

Our first vineyard was planted by my father in 1995, the same year that I was born. I grew up within these vineyards. I took my first steps among the rows of grapes, I played here and as the years passed I worked and learned to love winemaking. The wineyard grew with me. For as long as i can remember it has been where I belong. I came to love winemaking so much that i whished to learn more about it. In my pursuit of knowledge I went to The College of Agrarian studies in Zemun, where I majored in fruit cultivation and winemaking. Grape growing and winemaking slowly transformed from a family passion, into a serious life calling. My first harvest was in 2017. It was the sign that my father, Slavisa needed for him to hand me the reigns without fear. Now with my enthusiasm I continue to build on the foundation that he built with his experience, and I remain in the constant pursuit of inovation and advancement of the winemaking field. From the very begining we remained adamant about making the best natural wine – from our own organicaly grown grapes, as we let nature decide which methods are the best.

"A glass of wine and a story" winery

Winery “Glass of Wine and Story” was founded in 2014 in the village of Pretrkovac, Razanj municipality. The winery was named after the entire experience of drinking wine because we believe that one wine requires company, a beautiful atmosphere and that drinking wine is a complex experience to remember. As we believe that each harvest is a story for itself, so we gave our wines, similar to the harvest, the names First Story, Second Story, Third Story… to the 101st Story! One vintage, one story! By choosing the Pannonia variety, Department of Viticulture from Novi Sad, to be the “bearing” grape variety from which we get wine, we experimented with the Prokupac variety through Pro Roze wine 2015, as well as with Merlot, which we nurture in 2016. The 1ha vineyard is located in the Ražanj vineyards and is part of the Three Moravas region.

From March 2017, the winery has the capacity to visit up to 30 tourists, a conference hall and a tasting room – the right place to enjoy

Agricultural holding STAMBOLIC

They called their small brand “Taština kuhinja“, (Vanity’s kitchen) not without reason.

– The name “Taština kuhinja” is not accidental, since mother-in-law Slavica is the main one in the processing of jams, sweets and winter vegetables.

However, as it should be, our host is the main one for the production of brandy and quince. They say that there is no better brandy in Serbia than Stambolic’s, and whoever tries the magic from “Vanity of the Kitchen” becomes their fan forever, be it ajvar, lutenica, tomato juice, callus syrup, plum jam, strawberry jam, blackberry wine… The wall in the family house full of diplomas and awards speaks in favor of quality. Whoever tried it says that the products are top quality, as evidenced by countless comments on Dejan’s Facebook page.

What is the essence of a good quince? Full maturity of the fruit and obligatory removal of the seed bed. Many do not, but it also affects the aroma.

The "Stevic" swimming poll

For lovers of swimming, the “Stevic” swimming pools offer a great experience in a refreshing natural environment. In addition to the swimming pool, there is a restaurant and bar for those who wish to relax with a traditional lunch or refreshing drink, the restaurant holds up to 50 guests at a time. Some of the specialties offered include Milos’s saber (a delicacy consisting of meat with a vegetable garnish), all kinds of roasted and grilled dishes, and delicacies from under the sac, along with plenty of traditional meals like stuffed peppers, sarma and more.

Bora's cottage

Vitosevac is a village near Razanj, located 14km from the E75 highway and 70km from the nearest airport (Nis). The village is located near sprawling mountain hunting grounds “Big River” and “Bukovik“. And in the heart of these hunting grounds you can find “Bora’s cottage“.
If you want to be a guest in the cradle of mother nature, “Bora’s cottage” is the perfect place for you. Accomodations in the midst of a lush forest gives you the authentic experience of a hunter. The warm and cozy environment makes for a perfect resting place, recreation, organized hunts, cooking lessons and enjoying traditional dishes. The highlight is the homemade bread and pastries from the crepulja.
The surrounding forests contain many paths that lead into the breathtaking wilds. There is even an almost 2km long tunnel leading to the Timok region.
Complete your tour by visiting the local wineries and spa towns (Soko banja, Josanica, Ribarska banja)

Etno kuća Hrebeljanović

Etno house “Hrebeljanovic ” offers accommodations alongside a rich assortment of traditional dishes for up to 50 guests at a time. Specialties of the house include roasted pork, pork jelly, priests sarma and traditional bread.

The "Proleće" Pub

The “Prolece ” pub is a great example of the Serbian traditional cuisine, that can be enjoyed on its great terrasse that can support up to 70 people for its periodic events.

Restaurant MiS

Restaurant “MiS” offers accommodations alongside national and international cuisine, while also providing catering services. This object and its welcoming staff can host up to 100 people.