Bora's cottage

Vitosevac is a village near Razanj, located 14km from the E75 highway and 70km from the nearest airport (Nis). The village is located near sprawling mountain hunting grounds “Big River” and “Bukovik”. And in the heart of these hunting grounds you can find “Borina Koliba”.
If you want to be a guest in the cradle of mother nature, “Bora’s cottage” is the perfect place for you. Accomodations in the midst of a lush forest gives you the authentic experience of a hunter. The warm and cozy environment makes for a perfect resting place, recreation, organized hunts, cooking lessons and enjoying traditional dishes. The highlight is the homemade bread and pastries from the crepulja.
The surrounding forests contain many paths that lead into the breathtaking wilds. There is even an almost 2km long tunnel leading to the Timok region.
Complete your tour by visiting the local wineries and spa towns (Soko banja, Josanica, Ribarska banja). 

The Etno house "Hrebeljanovic''

The Etno house “Hrebeljanovic” is found in Razanj itself. It offers accommodations in a welcoming atmosphere, along with a rich menu of traditional dishes prepared exclusively from local produce. 

The "Stevic" swimming pool

For lovers of swimming, the “Stevic” swimming pools offer a great experience in a refreshing natural environment. In addition to the swimming pool, there is a restaurant and bar for those who wish to relax with a traditional lunch or refreshing drink, the restaurant holds up to 50 guests at a time. Some of the specialties offered include Milos’s saber (a delicacy consisting of meat with a vegetable garnish), all kinds of roasted and grilled dishes, and delicacies from under the sac, along with plenty of traditional meals like stuffed peppers, sarma and more.